Upcoming major artist releases worth checking out – Spring 2008 Edition

Let’s leave the l33t indie world for a minute and see what’s going on with the Blue Plate releases out there:

Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsDig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
* Why it’s Noteworthy: Christ almighty, this guy just puts out one goodie after another. One of his finest yet.

The Hold SteadyStay Positive
* Why it’s Noteworthy: Because their last record was a beat poet tour-de-force set to music that would make GVSB blush.

* Why it’s Noteworthy: This record is the business. Gonna blow up something large. Thank you, Santogold, for the injection.

Billy BraggMr. Love & Justice
* Why it’s Noteworthy: Billy’s not only a great songwriter, but his onstage banter reminds us he’s been out there pumping his fist long before Che Guevarra just a toy you got in a Happy Meal.

Cyndi LauperBring Ya To The Brink
* Why it’s Noteworthy: This was the first stadium concert this author ever attended. She may have lost the pop-queen war to Madonna back in 1984, but Lauper was and is still the better singer/artist.

Willie NelsonOne Hell of a Ride
* Why it’s Noteworthy: Still love him for stepping way out to make Teatro with Dan Lanois a few years back.

Scarlett JohanssonAnywhere I Lay My Head
* Why it’s Noteworthy: She is attempting an album of Tom Waits covers and she has that raspy voice. Could be brill could be offensive. Worth finding out. See also: Keram covers Blue Valentines on his 2008 release “Box.”

Teyana TaylorFrom a Planet Called Harlem
* Why it’s Noteworthy: Her lead-off track is titled “Google Me”

Phantom PlanetRaise the Dead
* Why it’s Noteworthy: This band just keeps getting better. When their last album hit it was harder to discern whether they were just hopping on the Strokes bandwagon, or riding the celeb slant, but it was neither. This one delivers and it cites Charles Manson and David Koresh music as an influence. Not that that is a plus, but at least its a novel source. Also – not produced by fucking Timbaland or Neptunes.

N.E.R.D.Seeing Sounds
* Why it’s Noteworthy: They already produce any club-worthy hit on the planet, so if you’re gonna – might as well go right to the source.

Alanis MorissetteFlavors of Entanglement
* Why it’s Noteworthy: she is wonderfully raw in her sentiments, rarely repeats herself, is a culture-jammer, collaborated on this one with half of team Frou Frou.

Martha WainwrightI Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings, Too
* Why it’s Noteworthy: The seemingly demure songstress and elder sister of Rufus is more fiery than one might at first suspect. Check out her disc at CDBaby: Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole

* Why it’s Noteworthy: You know all those “trip-hop” sample collections you love leeching off piratebay? If you have to ask…

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