Top Ten Spins for the Week of February 15th, 2009

lizzy grant - kill kill ep

  1. Lizzy Grant “Yayo” – Album: Kill Kill EP
  2. Tina Dico“Get to Know You” – Album: A Beginning, A Detour, An Open Ending
  3. Greg Laswell“Days Go On”  – Album: Three Flights from Alto Nido
  4. Rio en Medio“The Umbrella” – Album: Frontier
  5. Gary Jules & The Group RulesAlbum: Bird
  6. Serena Ryder“Sweeping the Ashes” – Album: Sweeping the Ashes EP
  7. Meiko“Sleep” – Album: Meiko
  8. Jose Gonsales“Cycling Trivialities” – Album: Cycling Trivialities
  9. P.T. Walkley“Audrey Macy” – Album: Mr. Macy Wakes Alone
  10. Antony and the Johnsons“Kiss My Name” – Album: The Crying Light

What are your favorite singer/songwriter spins this week?

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