Download a free mp3 by monstrous indie Elogy before their April 30 show in Lake Forest, CA

Five years ago California band Elogy would be major label and radio darlings, but we live in a new paradigm for music and so they go it independently.

Based in Orange County, California, the members of Elogy came together 4 years ago under the leadership of Derek Cannavo. Transforming an old warehouse space into a fully functional, state of the art studio, Elogy began to develop their sound and their organization from scratch. Using their classical training as a foundation, the band quickly amassed a large catalogue of songs, and as they brought their music to a live setting, their sound began to evolve as well. Now, after almost half a decade, Elogy is pleased to finally be releasing its debut album, an album that is founded on classical training and solid musicianship but that is far from traditional.

The product of a half-decade long process of evolution and development, the band’s upcoming indie release “One” showcases a band that has taken its time to perfect and hone its sound. With sweeping melodies, well thought out synth lines, and driving vocals, Elogy has recorded an album that is distinctly new, but that still evokes contemporaries like Coldplay or Muse.

We wanted to know more about how a band that five years ago would have easily been snatched up by the majors and pushed hard on mainstream radio is navigating the new music distribution paradigm:

MusicZeitgeist: Tell us about recording this record – what were you thinking in terms of the end goal? Did you have a particular audience in mind?

We didn’t really think too much about who we were going to reach with the album during the recording process. We all respect each other a lot musically and have very high musical standards, so if a song was strong enough to pass through the band’s filters we felt it was good enough to be heard by others. On any given day we would find ourselves obsessing over a particular sound we designed from scratch or that we just stumbled upon, and that made us feel confident that we were creating something new with each track. We loved documenting our new discoveries throughout the album, but we also made sure that the vocals tied everything together, making Elogy’s sound ever-changing but at the same time very distinct.

MZ: Recorded music is in a vastly new paradigm – how do you plan on marketing and selling your new record?

We’ve accepted that the average listener is bombarded with tons of new bands and music daily. People own iPods full of singles by bands they hardly know, so we didn’t really focus on keeping our sound in a box. We just focused on making an album that someone can enjoy all the way through while leaving out fillers or “down time” songs, as we call them. All we can do beyond that is play an amazing live show and continue grabbing at people’s hearts, even if they don’t want to hand them over immediately.

Catch Elogy April 30th at The Gypsy Lounge, Lake Forest, CA

Download the free mp3 “London” by Elogy

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  • Gerard

    I first heard Elogy a months ago and immediately fells that they are great with their contemporaneous sounds that navigating its mainstream. I like the fact that for a few days I become a fan of these guys.

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