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Punisher: War Zone to be scored by Christopher Franke of Tangerine Dream

With the roaring success of Marvel Studios inaugural independent feature film “Iron Man,” there are a lot of eyes on what will happen with the company’s subsequent releases (both reboots) “The Hulk” and “Punisher: War Zone.” One of the most interesting aspects of these films is that they demonstrate how the perspective on translating comic book […] […]

Artist Profile: Midori/Audioclique

Fronted by comely siren Midori Longo, Midori/Audioclique is a West Coast outfit that straddles the narrowing line between long-tail Jessica Simpson bands like Paramore->Be Your Own Pet and the wild wild world of self-produced ever-more widely available independent releases that take chances in the production room and sometimes crank out something that intertextually (so not […] […]

Artist Profile: Joseph A. Peragine

Artist Profile: Joseph A. Peragine Music Zeitgeist recently discovered the music of Ohio artist Joseph A. Peragine. The self-produced multi-instrumentalist creates gorgeous and urgent evolving songs that summon up the best that the first wave of early 90’s independent alternative music had to offer. This is not a slight – it was a golden […] […]