Canyon is MZ’s Indie Music Artist of the Month – December 2014


Often people can’t really understand what something is until they are presented a comparison or a fusion of concepts. To help pique your interest and actually listen to the songs and voice of Canyon, I will promise you an intriguing raspy voice on clever understated tracks that sound like a mix of Nora Jones and Lykke Li with themes comparable to Jewel and Tracy Chapman. I wanted to get a better sense of the voice behind these airy, but powerful recordings. Here is the interview with the artist known as Canyon.

canyon music artist Please tell us a bit about the person behind the music
Canyon: I turned 30 in September and wouldn’t go back to living in my 20’s for anything. I consider myself a songwriter before being a singer or guitarist. My favorite color is blue (slate-blue to be exact). Personality tests say that I’m an extrovert but I would swear that I’m not. I have a dog, cat and husband and they are the joys of my life. I live in Westport, CT and am currently a NE regional artist playing in NY, CT, MA, RI but mostly PA.

MZ: What drives the music that you make?
Canyon: I’m inspired by the common experiences we all share as humans. From the tragedies to the victories and everything in between- that’s what I write about. I consider myself a storyteller of the human experience, since everything about life inspires me.

MZ: When did you begin performing?
Canyon: I wrote my first song in 2nd grade called “The Pineapple Express” (this was WAY before the movie) inspired by a tropical storm that hit my small hometown in Northern California at the time. I’ve been writing on and off since then but officially quit my job to do it full time two years ago.

MZ: What’s next for Canyon?
Canyon: I was just approached to start songwriting for other artists on a small label based out of NYC. I’m working on my first one now. Other than that, I’m keeping my eyes/ears and heart open to the universe trying to find people/situations that will work in harmony with my artistic vision. In the meantime, I continue to work on my craft, hone my skills and play as many shows as I can. I figure, if I build it- they will come.


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