Artist Profile: London’s The Cellophane Flowers Twist Pop To Suit Their Desires

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London based band The Cellophane Flowers comprises the collaboration between Francesca Corradini (vocals – guitar), Ian Sumner (guitar), Luca Napolitano (bass), Nick Guy (drums). Some have attempted to catalog the band’s unusual sound as “whimsy pop,” “psycho-pop,” and “avant-garde pop personified” – if you put a gun to our heads and forced us to draw comparisons, we might refer to early Sugarcubes, Cardigans, The Cure, Love and Rockets and Ida Maria, but the reason we chose to profile this act is because their sound was not easy to pin down and yet not so outre that we were not immediately infected by its appealing song structures and refreshing instrumentation.

Francesca Corradini’s voice is both charismatic and winsome (and perhaps therein lies the comparisons to that Icelandic breakout band). The guitar play has the serpentine atonality and yet anthemic throughline reminiscent of Pixies’ Joey Santiago, and the rhythm section thumps down iron anchor grooves that help this rock harder than typical Thursday night club fare.

Check out the video for the lead off single “If I Was Girl” below.

Francesca shared some highlights from the recording of the new album: “A highlight was playing with the toys in the studio – for [the song] Freeze  – me feeding a vintage Moog through analogue delay and phaser, writing the parts live as we recorded them, and then realising that as much as we loved the sound, we’d have to include the rest of the track on the recording.  Or charging back and forth at a theramin for Yes I Am, pretending to talk intelligently about when to time the “wooh wooh wah” sound and whether that should come before or after the sustained “weeehehehehe”.  Fra dancing with a robot mask on didn’t really help…”

When asked what motivates them, Francesca replied: “Because we all love music – indeed we look forward to dedicating our lives 100% to what we love the most (which translates in telling our bosses to f… off. Music is the only thing that keeps us alive.”

The band has just released its EP “If I Was A Girl” that can be found at Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and all the other major digital distribution channels.

Vital Links:
Cellophane Flowers at MySpace
The Cellophane Flowers Flickrstream

Listen now to “Yes I Am” by The Cellophane Flowers at’s free Indie Music Jukebox

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