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Everett Fox Band - Indie Artist Profile

Musicians hate when others feel the need to draw comparisons to others because musicians usually think they are making something unique, and of course, they are, but that doesn’t stop me from helping you make a determination about what this might sound like. I say, something like Jellyfish, XTC, Tears for Fears, Spookey Ruben and Soul Coughing.

Actually, I take it all back.  I don’t feel like drawing a comparison, nor do I think I can really qualify Everett Fox and his band’s output that easily.

Hailing from Ithaca, New York, Everett Fox band grants us a fresh and ebullient sound that grabs your attention and does what it pleases with it until it is good and ready to let go.  We asked the man behind the band (and in front of it) these breathtakingly obtuse questions:

MZ: Who?

Everett Fox – keyboardist, singer and songwriter of the Everett Fox Band out of NY.

MZ: What?

EF: We’re a keyboard led trio (and sometimes quartet) of Alternative/Rock/Pop music with a kind of urban Beatlesque kind of sound, especially the new album simply titled “Everett Fox Band.” We called the new album’s genre ‘Alternative/Urban Folk’ for awhile as it wasn’t quite urban and it wasn’t really folk.

MZ: Why?

EF: Why’d I bother with the music biz?  Well, like a lot of artists you realize early on that you don’t have much choice. I mean you can work a day job but at some point players have got to play. But for me it was never enough to just play other people’s music. I had to write the music I performed.  Music that I would want to listen to myself.

But also I wanted to create a style that was piano/ keyboard led but not confined to the traditional piano-rock sounds of Billy Joel, Elton John, Ben Folds, etc.

With today’s recording and sound technology keyboardist are not tied to a few particular sounds and it frees you up to try all sorts of things.  Having said that, I’ve found while working on the latest CD that you can’t just play a nylon string guitar sound on the keyboard and expect it to sound natural. You have to kind of play it as a guitarist would play it.

My work’s always been alternative but over time it shifted from a piano/Led Zeppelin analog funk bounce to a more crafted and visual studio-oriented sound. With the latest album I drew from more Urban/Jazz elements.

MZ: Until When?

EF: April 1, 2058

MZ: Where?

EF:  I’d like to get my songs in some films or on TV.  The new album has a very visual sound I think.

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