Wind’s Poem by Mount Eerie

mount-eerie-winds poem-album coverWind’s Poem, the fourth full-length album for the Washington state-based artist Phil Elverum from the independent P.W. Elverum & Sun label gleams forth like a beautiful bad transmission, in keeping with its namesake and creepy artwork.

Carefully assembled artwork, and meticulously sculpted recordings have garnered high praise from the music criticerati.  This fourth outing, influenced by black metal sounds more like a fever dream whilst listening to His Name Is Alive. Obfuscated, bleary tracks that sound like the score to a lost David Lynchian escapade press against your comfort zone, and yet feel, all the while, like that childhood comfort blanket that makes MBV’s Loveless seem so obvious. Like hearing the screams of war through the haze of the air purifier blasting 80 decibels of white noise, perpetually, in your shitty apartment.

Despite its obtuse, dark meanderings, this is a lucid, intelligent effort, destined to mine your subconscious murderer, dreamer and poet.

Listen to Wind’s Poem by Mount Eerie now.

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