Win A Pair of 5-Day Wristbands For NXNE in Toronto!

nxne 2009 masthead is giving away two pairs of wristbands good for all five days of the North By Northeast Music Conference in Toronto June 17th – 21st, 2009!

All you have to do to qualify, is post a comment on this article, between 50 and 150 words about why you love music festivals then email info (at) with the username attached to your comment so we can reach you if you win.

Deadline for entries is June 15th, 2009.

Our panel of judges will pick the top two replies and announce the winners on June 16th.

(Wristbands are good for music events only, they do not give you access to the boring conference room discussions.  The winning comment will not be announced, only the creator of the comment.)

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2 comments to Win A Pair of 5-Day Wristbands For NXNE in Toronto!

  • HorseIRodeInOn

    when I was 3 I waddled up to my mother with parted hair down the middle. I tugged on her dress, interrupting her from her “grown up conversation” only to say “It’s like Woodstock man” holding a peace sign up with both hands, and drugged out eyes. She never new where I got that from, seeing as she was a child who grew up loving the “sweet sounds of the 50’s”. We finally came to the solution I must have been reincarnated from Woodstock. Maybe that explains, now that I’m older, why every time I hit up a music fest I get taken away to another place, doesn’t matter if I know the band or not. Just being in a crowd, tasting the air as the music takes over your body is THE most mind blowing experience. I think I should get the wristbands because I was born and re-born again with the insatiable need to witness live music. In a crowd full of sweaty people, hopping from stage to stage as I allow my mind to be blown. I love music it’s in my heart and most definitely in my soul. I AM music.

  • JohnC

    YO! I need these wristbands. Times are tough lately and I love NXNE more than anyone out there. I was stressing I wouldn’t have the funds to make it to any shows this year but If I win the wristbands I’m GOLDEN. I will shave my head, jump out of a moving vehicle. I will eat a bowl of raw worms just to get the wristbands. So pick me. I am a true music lover, and fan.