What Is The Indie Hipster Answer to Glee? The Silver Lake Chorus Will Answer that this Friday June 4th, 2010 at El Cid

The Silver Lake Chorus - TSLC cover artThis Friday, June 4th at 8:30pm at El Cid in Los Angeles, the world will have its first live glimpse of the much buzzed about The Silver Lake Chorus.

The Silver Lake Chorus (TSLC) is a group of 25 hot young things who sing delicious choral arrangements of indie music.  Unlike Glee, TSLC do not dance, there is no backing band (in the vein of Polyphonic Spree) nor are there showcasey Broadway musical numbers.  No, this is choral group where everyone contributes equally to the whole, but what sets them apart is their set list for Friday night includes reimaginings of tunes from the likes of Beck, Sia and Regina Spektor.   Musical guests Ben Lee, Alex Lilly (Obi Best), Joaquin Pastor, Pi Jacobs and John Gold will grace the set on Friday night affording the group instant indie hipster cred.

Ben Lee is also slated to produce The Silver Lake Chorus’ debut album, which will be a collection of original material from indie big hitters.  Additionally, Sia has already attached herself to the project and submitted an original song for TSLC’s resident arrangist and soprano Heather Ogilvy to arrange for the group.

The Silver Lake Chorus debuts this Friday at El Cid with Ben Lee and Obi Best

The Silver Lake Chorus was founded by Sally Struthers’ daughter Sam Rader, who moonlights as a psychologist living and working in Los Angeles.

“I wanted to marry my dreamy high school choral experience with my grownup (think: indie) music sensibilities.” The chorus is directed by the phenomenal (and utterly cuckoo bananas) budding musical genius Mikey Wells, who also heads the CalArts chorale.

The Silver Lake Chorus can be heard singing the theme song in the opening credits of SNL’s feature film MacGruber and on the film’s official soundtrack.

If you are in Los Angeles, do yourself a favor and get there Friday night so you can say you knew them when…

The Silver Lake Chorus

With special guests:

Ben Lee
Alex Lilly (Obi Best)
Joaquin Pastor
Pi Jacobs
John Gold

El Cid
4212 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90029-2110
(323) 668-0318

Doors at 8pm. Show at 8:30pm.

Learn more at www.thesilverlakechorus.com

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