This week I have been mostly listening to… June 14th, 2009 Edition

1. “The Worst Taste In Music” by the Radio Dept from “Pet Grief”. Great opening, very moody, lo-fi, sounds like they knocked it together in their bedroom, yet it all just hangs together just right.

Listen to “The Worst Taste In Music” by the Radio Dept at (Extended Version)

2. “Yours Truly, the Commander” by Jason Lytle, from the album of the same name. Sounds just like the record that everyone was hoping Sparklehorse would make. lush strings, lovely arrangement.

3.  “Vale Orso” by Jeremy Enigk from “OK Bear”. Very mellow, great voice, never trying too hard. Keeps your interest even when it shouldn’t really.

4. “Technicolor Health” by the Harlem Shakes, from the album of the same name. Beatlesy in a good way. Lovely bass line and the song just keeps on getting more fun.

5. “Curtain Craft” by King Creosote from “Flick the V’s”. This guy is incredible, such an incredible ear for a tune, and a pure voice. This is folk. Just beautiful. Although having said that – this is song is decidedly un-folky!

6. “Young Sensualists” by Throw Me the Statue. Terrible opening, terrible name, but a lovely little song.

7. “Imaginary Girl” by the Silver Seas. It just whisks you along on a piano line pinched from Ms Simone, but it has an honesty that’s refreshing.

8. “Last of the Melting Snow” by the Leisure Society. Reminds me of about a dozen wonderful bands – as I waltz around the room in a reverie. Plus they use a recorder. Cool.

9. “Gedanken Train” by the Color Bars. I know nothing about the band or the song, but it’s a real sing-a-long-in-the-back-of-a-bus kind of thing.

10. “Revenge” by Sparklehorse and Danger Mouse featuring Wayne Coyne, from “Dark Night of The Soul”. Not quite good as one would have hoped it would be – but then, with expectations that high, they were always going to come up short. Lovely track though, and you do realize what a great voice he has. Much more retrained than I would have expected as well. Which is a good thing.

11. “Pink and Brown” by the Great Perhaps. Great name, great lyrics, great song.

12. “Pictures Collected” by Salim Nourallah.

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