Tragic Josh Shares His Top Twelve Music Spins For the Week of March 8th 2010

Tragic Josh sprays rainbows of musical beauty over the disenfranchised youth of today. Come revel in the glory of his select aural spectrum of love.

1. Bowerbirds – Ghost Life

Just a really lovely song that'll keep you till the end. much to your surprise.

Download the Free Mp3 “Ghost Life” by Bowerbirds courtesy now!

2. Electric President – The Violent Blue

I can't honestly say that I think this dude is the best advert for this band, but I do like this song. It takes it's time and knows how to carry it's momentum. The last third is probably the best.

3. White Birch – The New Kingdom

These guys are incredible. But apparently all Norwegians sound like Erlend Oye.

Download the Free Mp3 “The New Kingdom” by White Birch now!

4. Vic Chestnutt – I Flirted With You All My Life

Never really heard much of his stuff, bought an album once but was kinda disappointed, but this is just a beautiful song.

Download Free Mp3 “I Flirted With You All My Life” and others by Vic Chestnutt now!

5. The Antlers – Atrophy

I'm sure you're all aware of these guys so this really isn't news to anyone but myself. I overlooked them amidst all their hype, but have recently come to appreciate what a wonderful record they produced thanks to a number of other blogs. An old dog can in fact learn new tricks after all.

Listen to “Atrophy” by The Antlers at Hypster

6. Sharon Van Etten – Love More

Exquisite. She's gorgeous AND amazing.

Direct download the free mp3 “Love More” by Sharon Van Etten courtesy

7. First Aid Kit – Tiger Mountain Peasant Song

These guys are amazing. My new favourites, and what an amazing cover.

Direct download the free mp3 “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” by First Aid Kit via

8. First Rate People – Girl’s Night

Infectious and fun, just what pop should be like.

9. Herb Albert – Rotation (DJ Harri Edit)

Old school brilliance. This was what Ibiza used to be about.

Download the free mp3 “Rotation (DJ Harri Edit)” by Herb Albert via Space Dust

10. Cold Mountain Child – Of Self

Something reminiscent of classic Dire Straits. OK, and a fair chunk of Iron and Wine as well!

11. Spirit Spine – Enchanted Island

Incredibly simple and sparse. and short. too short. but that's good.

Download the free mp3 “Enchanted Island” by Spirit Spine via

12. Liars – No Barrier Fun

Great vocals, and a fantastic arrangement. Love the beat and the cello.

Download the free mp3 “No Barrier Fun” by Liars via

What are you listening to this week? Post your comment!

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