Tragic Josh Shares His Top Music Spins for February 23rd 2010

Once again, Tragic Josh sorts through the crap music so you don’t have to. Here are some positive nuggets with which he has returned.

1. Jaguar Club – Sleepwalking

Not sure about the vocals, but the rest is gorgeous.

Download the Free Mp3 “Sleepwalking” by Jaguar Club now!

2. The Static Jacks – Parties and Friends (and bullshit)

it's just a great title, innit?

Listen to “Parties and Friends (and bullshit)” now!

3. Tanlines – S.A.W.

He's my favorite new dude. He just rocks.

4. Whitest Boy Alive – Island

old song, just came across it, really quite fun.

Get the latest Whitest Boy Alive mp3 “Island” free via Stereogum

5. Midlake – Rulers, Ruling All Things

I hated this the first time I heard it, and then read somewhere that this is the band Fleet Foxes wished they could be, which made me really laugh, and then listened to it again and thought it was total genius, so who knows?

Get the free mp3 of Midlake – “Rulers, Ruling All Things” courtesy We All Want Someone To Shout For

6. Fyfe Dangerfield – Any Direction

Definitely a little cheesy, but it hooks you from the beginning, and it's just effortless.

Watch a video of a live performance of Any Direction by Fyfe Dangerfield

7. The Tough Alliance – A New Chance (Tanlines remix)

I warned you these guys were my new favorites.

Listen to The Tough Alliance – A New Chance courtesy The Fader

8. Tapetheradio – Stay Inside

Download a free mp3 of Tapetheradio – “Stay Inside” courtesy

9. Free Energy – Something in Common

Older song, but it has a real nice strut.

Free Energy – “Something in Common” at

10. Moderat – Rusty Nails

Older song, but it has a real nice strut.

Check out “Rusty Nails” by Moderat at

11. Nurses – Technicolor

Simple but mellow. great vocals and lovely lilt to it.

Get Nurses – “Technicolor” via

12. The Daredevil Christopher wright – clouds

Fascinating where this song goes. Always keeps you guessing.

The Daredevil Christopher Wright – “Clouds” via The Hype Machine

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