Top Ten Spins for Week of March 17th, 2008

Mark Hollis
Mark Hollis – Mark Hollis

  1. Mark Hollis – “Inside Looking Out” – Album: Mark Hollis
    After a decade and a half with Talk Talk, frontman Mark Hollis comes out with a hyper-minimalist effort that explores even further the silence that “Laughing Stock” was approaching. Piano, clarinets, upright, acoustic guitar, strings all convene in as gentle a matter as can be, married together in a way that would make Van Morrison circa “Astral Weeks” proud.
  2. Antony and the Johnsons – “I Am A Bird Now” – Album: I Am A Bird Now
  3. Kathleen Yearwood – “Who Killed Phillip?” – Album: The Book of Hate
  4. A Fine Frenzy – “Ashes and Wine” – Album: One Cell in the Sea
  5. KT Tunstall – “Paper Aeroplane” – Album: Drastic Fanstastic
  6. Penguin Cafe Orchestra – “The Snake and the Lotus (the pond)
  7. Charles Ives – “Central Park in the Dark” – Album: The Unanswered Question
  8. James Blunt – I’m just fuckin kiddin.
  9. Gnarls Barkley – Album: The Odd Couple (checkin it out)
  10. The Black Keys – Album: Attack and Release (checkin it out)
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