Top Three Things New Artists and Bands Need to Know to Jumpstart Their Careers

Author: Tim Eutin

Today’s music business is more complicated then ever. The digital revolution has made it easier and less expensive to make a quality CD. There are more outlets to reach the public with your music then ever before with MySpace,, the bajillion social networking and bookmarking sites and web-based radio outlets. There is also more competition then as well.

What can a new group or artist do to increase their odds of getting heard by the mass public or getting better and more frequent bookings? Paul Crowley, of Paul Crowley Music Marketing, who has worked with artists such as The Police, Janet Jackson, REM, suggests, “The first thing is to not look at recording a CD as the end product. It is just one part of the overall marketing plan.”

“To many people make the mistake of not having a an overall plan of where the group wants to be in a year, two years or five years down the road.” Paul continues. “Without a plan it is almost impossible to make serious progress in today’s music business. Groups without a plan seldom last in today’s competitive market.”

Another key mistake that artists and groups make is to not budget for promotions. Paul states, “I’ve heard a lot of great music over the years, fantastic music, but unfortunately the public never got to hear it because the groups didn’t take into consideration budgeting for professional promotional services. The groups falsely assumed that a record company or DJ would hear their music and it would take off from there. That just doesn’t happen in today’s competitive market. There are a lot of great artists vying for limited airtime. You need professional help to get through to the key people that can help you out.”

This brings up the third point that will help new groups reach their goals. Hire a professional to promote your music to radio and give you sound advice. “There is the music business and then there is the business of music”, smiles Paul. “It is important to find a talented professional to represent you to radio and give you solid music business advice. A good manager will help you to plan your resources, both time and money, to make the correct move at the right time.”

It is important to find someone that can make those moves on the artist’s behalf. As the music business continues to evolve and grow the need for professional representation and management is more important then ever. Groups that heed the advice in this article will find themselves ahead of the pack when it comes to realizing their goals.

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