This week I have been mostly listening to… June 1st, 2009 Edition is very pleased to welcome a new weekly music list by Tragic Josh – a serious music connoiseur whose credentials we must keep private to protect the innocent, but suffice to say he used to figure in making or breaking bands at really cool places.  Or wait, maybe Tragic is the kid I met once in Guam at that nasty bordello.  I always get the two confused.

Without further ado here is Tragic’s first “This Week I have been mostly listening to…” the June 1st to June 5th, 2009 edition. – Ighuaran, Editor in Chief,

1. “The Trapeze Swinger” by Iron and Wine from the album “Around the Well”. Spectacularly beautiful. If this doesn’t give you goosebumps the you should check for a pulse. I guarantee that you’ll be needing to listen to it again as soon as it ends. Oh, and who would believe its nine and a half minutes long!! Seriously. And the album is a beautiful collection.

2. “Roll Up Your Sleeves” by We Were Promised Jetpacks from the album “These Four Walls”. Great little band, wonderful vocals.

3. “You Broke My Heart” by Lavender Diamond (Cousin Cole Edit) from the album “Flagrant Fowl”. I think she gets her message across.

4. “Forgive Me” by Ida Maria from the album “Fortress Around My Heart”. What a Voice, and the energy and attack reminds me of “The Rat”.

5. “Rudie Fails” by White Rabbits from the album “It’s Frightening”. You gotta love that tambourine.

6. “Standing On The Shore” by Empire Of The Sun from the album “Walking On A Dream”. Go on, see if you can keep your head from nodding.

john hegley gallery haiku 1

7. “The Boys Are leaving Town” by Japandroids from the album “Post-Nothing”. Great, heavy guitars.

8. “The Woods” by Ohbijou from the album “Swift Feet For Troubling Times”. A bit of an older one, but still just beautiful, precise and sparse.

9. “Rip The Universe” by Reverie Sound Revue. Not my usual cup of tea, but there’s something extremely charming that keeps me coming back for another listen, particularly the vocals, which are lovely.

10. “Sick On Sugar” by Point Juncture,WA from the album “Heart To Elks”. Kind of reminds me of Lali Puna, which is not a bad thing at all.

11. “Tokyo” by Telekinesis. Infectious.

12. “This Sweet Love” by James Yuill from the album “Turning Down Water for Air”. Just clear, simple and memorable. All you can ask for really.

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