The Tragic Josh Top 12 Songs For April 5th, 2010

Dr. Tragic Josh prescribes twelve music vitamins to keep your ears and soul healthy and happy and ready for anything.

1. Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings – I Learned the Hard Way

Soul, baby.

Download the Free Mp3 “I Learned the Hard Way” by Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings via now!

2. Daniel Martin Moore – The Hour of Sleep

Simple and sweet. Classy. But maybe just a little sappy!

Listen to “The Hour of Sleep” by Daniel Martin Moore now!

3. Field Music – Them That Do Nothing

Wonderful!! Long Live XTC!!!!!! Continuing the long tradition of quirky pop.

Listen to “Them That Do Nothing” by Field Music via The Hype Machine now!

4. Joshua James – Dangerous

Way more enjoyable than it should be.

5. Land Of Talk – May You Never

Am I nuts or does this remind you of the B52's without all the schtick?

Download the free mp3 “May You Never” by Land Of Talk now via

6. The Watson Twins – Lady Love Me

Lovely groove and I love the vocals. really laid back, it sneaks up on you.

Listen to “Lady Love Me” by The Watson Twins now!

7. The Frames – Falling Softly

I'm way behind on this I know (duh!), but it's great, and i never really listened to it when it first came out.

8. Nana Grizol – Cynicism

I love this song. I'm not in love with the vocals, but by god it's a great little song. Love the arrangement. Simple and effective.

Listen to “Cynicism” by Nana Grizol now via

9. The Bird And The Bee – Meteor

Another one that's slightly older, but I came across it thanks to shazam, and it rocks.

Download “Meteor” by The Bird and the Bee for a buck at Amazon

10. Air France – No Way Down

This'll put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Listen to “No Way Down” by Air France at

11. Sally Seltmann – Harmony To My Heartbeat

Has a bit of old Wall of Sound vibe to it. Great song. Simple.

Listen to “Harmony To My Heartbeat” by Sally Seltmann at

12. Titus Andronicus – Four Score Part One

These guys are amazing. Just check out the record.

Listen to “Four Score Part One” by Titus Andronicus at The Hype Machine

Happy listening to you.

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