The Sound Technicians – Indie Artist of the Month for October 2010


the sound technicians - Photo Credit: Tony Sistakis Photography

Beyond the accolades and trophies – Winner Los Angeles Music Awards: ‘Rock Artist of The Year’ and Nominated “Best Indie Rock” at Toronto Indie Music Awards, The Sound Technicians are a listening experience that merits your attention. Evoking anything from “A” vs. Monkey Kong to Girls Against Boys, TST’s tight, sinewy, creative arrangements actually rock; their output delivers on the promise.

Which is precisely how UK based producer/engineer Dario Dendi (The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand, Placebo) heard it — he has just completed recording a series of new singles with the band slated for 2011 release. (Is it really 2010?)

So rather than dance about architecture, what follows is the drilldown on how the boys see it and where you can find them. Beyond that — get your ears on this wax and add a killer new playlist to your mobidevice:


The Sound Technicians.
Pete Ling: Lead Vox, Bass, Sounds
Wooferbitch: Drums, Sounds
Keith Charlebois: Guitars, Keys, Vox
Terrence McAuley: Guitars, Vox


Their self-titled release (available digitally from iTunes, Amazon, etc.), has been selling well and receiving considerable radio on many North American stations.

These Alt/Indie/Powerpop stalwarts have a rapidly growing international fanbase and between live gigs, can be found tucked away in their studios, composing and designing sound. They are busier than a whore at a picnic.  They have done for placements for everything from commercial jingles, films, TV (shows and cartoons), to new media. Their music has been licensed globally, from The UK & Europe to Australia.  They are saving their cash to go into space.


The Sound Technicians are from Canada’s capital city of Ottawa (see you can learn things by listening to indie music) but play everywhere from Hollywood, to Vermont and in between.  They’re having a blast playing festivals, so keep your eye peeled; they want to poke it.


Why do they want to poke it?

*Oh, the bigger Why…*

Passion driven necessity.

They love to entertain and be entertained, man.
(In the voice of Sammy Davis Jr.)

Until When?

The Sound Technicians will be doing this until the Happy Meal de-composes,  or their plane goes down.

They’re rooting for the burger & fries.

Vital links:

(Official Homepage)
(Facebook Fan site)
(Electronic Press Kit)

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