Artist Profile: London’s The Cellophane Flowers Twist Pop To Suit Their Desires

Wherein introduces London’s The Cellophane Flowers – a band who will twist pop music to suit their desires […]

Show Preview: The Morning After Girls at the Viper Room, Thurs. Jan. 29

Goddamn do I hate the cliché of the snarky blogster. And now, thanks to The Morning After Girls, I’ve become one. See, there’s good news and bad news: The good news is that all indications from new music on TMAG’s myspace page are that after six years, they might have finally realized their 60s pop-meets-shoegaze mission statement. After […] […]

Live Review: Jimmy Gnecco of Ours, On The Rox

September 29, 2008 Week Of Shows, Episode Two There’s an old trick concert promoters pull on their patrons to ensure they make money coming and going: they kill the air conditioning to make crowded venues hotter, selling more drinks and saving money on their electric bills as a result. The sauna-like conditions at On The Rox Monday […] […]

Live Review: The Cure, Shrine Auditorium, June 1

I had a girlfriend once, P_______, whose favorite band was The Cure. She listened to them incessantly in her car and on her little boombox, finding in them the perfect soundtrack for everything from getting groceries and doing pilates to cleaning the bathroom and yes – having a good cry by candlelight. She also used […] […]