Last Life in the Universe is MZ’s June2015 Indie Artist of the Month

Last Life in the Universe 2015 Sunset

Last Life in the Universe is a Los Angeles indie act that blends rock and electronica into an energized modern sound. talks to them about the challenges… […]

Artist Profile: Dan Miraldi brings the raw back to rawk and all is well

Dan Miraldi might just be the real Rock’n’Roll article. We are hedging our bets that he is. Find out why in the Indie Artist Profile. […]

VIDEO: Joe Cocker – A Little Help From My Friends – Woodstock 1969

One of the great soul performances – Joe Cocker singing The Beatles’ “A Little Help From My Friends” – a radical rearrangement in 6/8 time featuring a gospel choir. Check out this amazing video before it likely gets yanked in anticipation of an upcoming commemorative Blu Ray release. […]