Artist Profile: Paper Arrows will sizzle through the air and set fires

Paper Arrows play some pretty amazing aural tricks – one moment they evoke Jack Joseph Puig-produced Canadian band Big Wreck with its thundering 22″ kick and triple amped hollow body guitars, the next lead singer Joe Goodkin sounds like the love child of Neil Young and Thom Yorke. But somehow the band manages to avoid […] […]

Video: The Most Amazing (unexpected) Drum Solo Ever

Here is a video that shows Stevie throwing down a surprise drum solo that blows anything else you may have seen out of the water. This should throw some gasoline on yr next Rock Band sesh. […]

Live Review: My Bloody Valentine at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

October 1, 2008 Week Of Shows, Episode Five Somewhere north of a Verve reunion and south of a Police reunion, a My Bloody Valentine reunion has rated as one of rock music lovers’ best hoped-for events. All artists should be as blessed as MBV during their unofficial retirement. Since the release of their critically loved but commercially underperforming […] […]