Artist Profile: Jazz Punks Ain’t Quite Jazz and They Ain’t Quite Punk But They Might Just Bring the Roof Down

No 8 min., self-absorbed solos. No charts. Jazz Punks strives to serve up classic jazz styles in an electrifying, unique manner – that appeals to the jazz layman as much as the jazz aficionado. […]

Live Review: John Doe and Kathleen Edwards at the El Rey Theatre

November 13, 2008 It seemed like an incongruous pairing — weathered, elder punk statesman John Doe joining arms with young singer/songwriter Kathleen Edwards for an evening twang-heavy duets and solo performances — yet when the two brought their “Hurtin’ & Flurtin’” tour to the El Rey Theater last night, what looked potentially ridiculous on paper was […] […]

Project: Ribcage bootleg video at The Dragonfly

Project: Ribcage has released a new bootleg video from one of their legendary Hollywood performances – this one from The Dragonfly. digg_url = ‘’; […]