Members of Portishead, Goldfrapp Premiere New Live Score for THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC – Lincoln Center Sat Oct 29 2011 *Only US Show*

Joan-of-Arc at Licoln Center

The new score for The Passion of Joan of Arc, led by British conductor Charles Hazlewood, is Utley’s (Portishead) and Gregory’s (Goldfrapp) first collaboration on a live score, written for an eclectic ensemble comprising six electric guitars, a choir, harps, percussion, horns, and keyboards. […]

Live Review: Beach House at Spaceland

September 30, 2008 Week Of Shows, Episode Four At no point Tuesday night at Spaceland did Beach House recall in live performance any of the carefree yet sophisticated elements so gorgeously manifested on their self-titled debut album. Instead, the capacity crowd was treated to a lifeless waltz through the group’s material, which broadly missed the late-night summer milieu […] […]

Upcoming major artist releases worth checking out – Spring 2008 Edition

Let’s leave the l33t indie world for a minute and see what’s going on with the Blue Plate releases out there: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! * Why it’s Noteworthy: Christ almighty, this guy just puts out one goodie after another. One of his finest yet. The Hold Steady – […] […]