Page 1 of 212 Presents: The Best Albums of 2011

pj harvey - let england shake presents the top 50 albums of 2011. […]

VIDEO: Carina Round – Backseat (Official Video)

I had the pleasure of seeing Carina Round at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood last year and she was vacillating between winsome plinkiness and PJ Harvey demonology within the course of her 40 minute set. This terrific video is so fresh it only has 250 views at YouTube as of this posting. It’s weird recognizing some personal friends in it lip-syncing to her lead vocal. […]

Top Ten Super Hot Intense Songs Fronted By Women

Top Ten Super Hot Intense Songs Fronted By Women […]

Exclusive Podcast featuring MZ’s own Truffle Jones!

Check out this exclusive podcast interview with elusive writer Truffle Jones during his exhaustive Week of Shows. They cover such an exhaustive range of topics and bands from how indies should design their merch to why My Bloody Valentine still sounds more modern than ever, the hottest new indie bands you’ve never read or heard […] […]