LIVE REVIEW: Mark Kozelek at Largo, September 17, 2010

A review of Red House Painters / Sun Kil Moon’s Mark Kozelek’s live performance at Los Angeles’ Largo, September 17, 2010 […]

Artist Profile: The Sweet Acoustic Daydreams of Tom Bolton

This long-time songwriter has been working out his material around the world for a good long time and his Australian roots mixed with a love for Ryuchi Sakamoto, Arvo Part and Michael Nyman won our hearts over. It grabs you before your intellect has a chance to kick in with its jaded analysis and sends you on a wave of daydreams. […]

Artist Profile: Jonathan Meek & The Mutes

Jonathan Meek & the Mutes’ sound bursts out of the cage with an immediate intensity; a slushy mixture of warbly, irregular melody that cuts through the mildewy self-consciousness of capital “I” Indie Rock like lemon juice on a 3rd degree burn, and then sounds like Nick Drake joined early Radiohead, reasserting that amidst all the […] […]