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Live Review: Lucinda Williams at the Wiltern Theatre

November 21, 2008 Too country for rock and too blues for country, singer-songwriter Lucinda Williams toiled for nearly two decades before finding acclaim in 1994 with a Grammy for songwriting – only to have commercial success continue to elude her. 1998 saw an end to all that with the release of Car Wheels On A Gravel Road, […] […]

Live Review: John Doe and Kathleen Edwards at the El Rey Theatre

November 13, 2008 It seemed like an incongruous pairing — weathered, elder punk statesman John Doe joining arms with young singer/songwriter Kathleen Edwards for an evening twang-heavy duets and solo performances — yet when the two brought their “Hurtin’ & Flurtin’” tour to the El Rey Theater last night, what looked potentially ridiculous on paper was […] […]

Live Review: Lykke Li with Friendly Fires at The El Rey Theatre

With fire in her belly, Lykke Li toured the bulk of her album with refined delivery and interpretation. Gone were the reverb-sauced vocals, and her backing trio of cute indie rock boys, tighter now than newly minted Velcro, provided choir-like vocals and an onslaught of pulsating, dance-insistent beats with minimal electronic manipulation. […]

Live Review: Shudder To Think at the El Rey Theatre

Listening to Shudder To Think is a lot like doing trigonometry – you know it all makes sense somehow, but damned if you can figure it out. Full of obtuse angles but wrought with plenty of accessible melodic avenues, their music is one of the more love-it-or-hate-it propositions to have ever wound up on a major label. […]