Dale Turner is MusicZeitgeist.com’s October 2011 Indie Artist of the Month

Dale Turner - Artist Photo

Recordings that kick trendy cliches to the curb, Dale Turner is assembling legitimately crafty, complex arrangements. And he can back them up with true musicianship, lyrics and production. […]

Live Review: Blk Jks at the Echo, May 21, 2009

A review of Blk Jks’ May 21, 2009 performance at the Echo in Los Angeles. […]

Artist Profile: James Sudakow explores dark matter with his electric violin

Having been raised on these kinds of records, James Sudakow, an electric violoinist based out of Long Beach, California felt like a sort of soothing blanket. He mixes synths with electro-loops and recycled breaks with live drums, percussion, electric guitar and bass and of course his whining, squealing, soaring electric violin played through a Marshall stack. […]