The Top 69 Albums of 2013 –

No Joy - Wait to Pleasure

The Top 50 Best Albums of 2013 – The following list was compiled from recommendations by various regular MusicZeitgeist writers and informants that include Ighuaran, Ascender, Tragic Josh, KMS, Truffle Jones, ZombieGrl and director/writer Daniel Waters. Some serious tastemakers from various disciplines and industries. Some wanted to comment on the albums we chose, others did […] […]

Wind’s Poem by Mount Eerie

The fourth full-length album for the Washington state-based artist Phil Elverum from the independent P.W. Elverum & Sun label gleems forth like a beautiful bad transmission, in keeping with its namesake and creepy artwork. Despite its obtuse, dark meanderings, this is a lucid, intelligent effort, destined to mine your subconscious murderer, dreamer and poet. […]

Live Review: My Bloody Valentine at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

October 1, 2008 Week Of Shows, Episode Five Somewhere north of a Verve reunion and south of a Police reunion, a My Bloody Valentine reunion has rated as one of rock music lovers’ best hoped-for events. All artists should be as blessed as MBV during their unofficial retirement. Since the release of their critically loved but commercially underperforming […] […]