Lindsey Saunders is’s Indie Artist of the Month for February 2014

Lindsey Saunders

Colorado based artist Lindsey Saunders brings a unique and immediately captivating deluge of talents to the table – she excels in singing, guitar playing and songwriting. […]

MZ Presents Kristen Toedtman – Indie Artist of the Month for April 2010

To hear her “people” describe it, “If Carole King and The Band went to a gospel picnic, Kristen Toedtman would be dishing out the potato salad. Part Norah Jones, part Bill Withers, she’s been called “The Street Joan Baez.” Well the music scientists at decided to run some critical analysis and after six months of exhaustive testing also found traces of Lyle Lovett, Bonnie Raitt, two runaways from the Boys Choir of Harlem and a quarter bottle of Southern Comfort. […]