Presents – The Janks – July 2009 Indie Artist of the Month

Check out The Janks –’s July 2009 Indie Artist of the Month […]

SPECIAL REPORT: The Death of a King – One Week Later

An account of the scene at the site of Michael Jackson’s Walk of Fame star on Hollywood Boulevard on Saturday, June 27, 2009. Commentary includes area crime and commerce, the American Dream, Jackson vs. the media, meerkat vomit and Hardcastle & McCormick. […]

Live Review: The Smashing Pumpkins At The Guitar Hero: World Tour Release Party At The Lot

Say what you will about indie-pop trumping the rock establishment, but you’re not likely to see that anytime soon on a Monday night at Spaceland. It remains to be seen if The Smashing Pumpkins v2.0 will achieve any of the relevance of their predecessor, but in the meantime, they’re making it safe for kids everywhere taking music lessons. […]

Exclusive Podcast featuring MZ’s own Truffle Jones!

Check out this exclusive podcast interview with elusive writer Truffle Jones during his exhaustive Week of Shows. They cover such an exhaustive range of topics and bands from how indies should design their merch to why My Bloody Valentine still sounds more modern than ever, the hottest new indie bands you’ve never read or heard […] […]