Future Loves Past is MusicZeitgeist.com’s Indie Artist of the Month for June 2014


Future Loves Past delivers an ebullient, 60’s tinged with shoegaze sound that is hard to predict and filled with delightful little surprises at every turn. In contrast to their instantly catchy hooks and melodies, their subject matter reads like Carl Sagan’s sketchbook […]

The Top 50 Best Albums of 2012 – MusicZeitgeist.com

The final list is essentially a guide to some of the most adventurous, beguiling and intriguing music we encountered in 2012. We hope this helps broaden your record collection and reinforce your interest and appreciation for contemporary music, which is our mandate. […]

Top Ten Best Indie Songs of 2008

We listened to a lot of independent releases at MusicZeitgeist in 2008 and not all of it was good. In fact, some of it was incredibly well recorded, but too much of it sounded the same: handclaps, 1950’s be-boppy, lo-fi, Disco-infused, melancholy boy-with-an-acoustic or girl-with-a-piano, Billy Holiday-biting tripe seemed to rule the roost. But some of it was really, really good. […]

Top Ten Indie Spins for the Week of April 21st

Portishead – “Hunter” – Album: Third Tapes n’ Tapes – “Hang Them All” Cat Power – “Metal Heart” Regina Spektor – “Real Love” White Hinterland – “Dreaming of the Plum Trees” Blue Dog Pict – “W.I.L.I.S.” Radiohead – “Bangers & Mash” The Child Ballads – “Cheekbone Hollows” Johnny Cash – “The Mercy Seat” (Birthday Party cover) Morrisey – “All You […] […]