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Top Five Indie Albums You Must Own Classic & New

It can get overwhelming with all the unsigned bands that come out on a daily basis. Only a handful make it or reach any type of notoriety. With indie music your band has to be just popular enough, but not too popular so they aren’t considered a “sell out” or mainstream music. Take a trip to your local music store and pick up these albums to get your collection started off right. Enjoy this article: Top Five Indie Albums You Must Own Classic & New. […]

Exclusive Podcast featuring MZ’s own Truffle Jones!

Check out this exclusive podcast interview with elusive writer Truffle Jones during his exhaustive Week of Shows. They cover such an exhaustive range of topics and bands from how indies should design their merch to why My Bloody Valentine still sounds more modern than ever, the hottest new indie bands you’ve never read or heard […] […]

Top Ten Indie Spins for the Week of April 21st

Portishead – “Hunter” – Album: Third Tapes n’ Tapes – “Hang Them All” Cat Power – “Metal Heart” Regina Spektor – “Real Love” White Hinterland – “Dreaming of the Plum Trees” Blue Dog Pict – “W.I.L.I.S.” Radiohead – “Bangers & Mash” The Child Ballads – “Cheekbone Hollows” Johnny Cash – “The Mercy Seat” (Birthday Party cover) Morrisey – “All You […] […]

My Bloody Valentine Returns With The Elixir

Announcements are percolating through the metaverse that positively seminal po-mo alternative rockers My Bloody Valentine are not only returning to the live concert stage, but in the process or recording a new album! Kevin Shields, quoted in the January 2007 edition of NME stated: “I do feel that I will make another great record. We are […] […]