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Top Ten Spins for the Week of August 24th, 2009 presents its top ten indie music spins for the week of August 24th, 2009 […]

VIDEO: Carina Round – Backseat (Official Video)

I had the pleasure of seeing Carina Round at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood last year and she was vacillating between winsome plinkiness and PJ Harvey demonology within the course of her 40 minute set. This terrific video is so fresh it only has 250 views at YouTube as of this posting. It’s weird recognizing some personal friends in it lip-syncing to her lead vocal. […]

Top Ten Spins for the Week of December 8th, 2008

It’s easy to hate on, but Britney’s Circus deploys some of the best producers working today and its star is probably a lot more fucked in the head than you. […]

Create Indie Music – Six Hot Tips for Creating Indie Music at Home

Whether you try to compose a song on the piano, guitar, or drums etc. playing extemporaneously can really unleash your creativity, and help you compose music that you may not have even believed you were capable of creating. When you create your indie music, unleash your creativity without thinking about it. Don’t think about every note or scale you’re playing, JUST PLAY to create music that is truly unique, and set your music and talents apart from others. Chances are you’ll be extremely pleased with your results. Please read the entire article to learn more. […]