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Artist Profile: Dan Miraldi brings the raw back to rawk and all is well

Dan Miraldi might just be the real Rock’n’Roll article. We are hedging our bets that he is. Find out why in the Indie Artist Profile. […]

Download a free mp3 by monstrous indie Elogy before their April 30 show in Lake Forest, CA

If you like Muse or Coldplay, download a free mp3 by monstrous indie Elogy […]

Download TV On the Radio’s “Red Dress (Glitch Mob Remix)” Free

The Glitch Mob are set to take over America – download their remix of TV On the Radio’s “Red Dress” free and find out why. […]

The Tragic Josh Top 12 Songs For the Week of January 22nd, 2010

Every week, mystery shopper, former A&R dude and grizzly bear wrestler Tragic Josh is let out of his basement cell for a day to scour the Internets for the best music out there. We then distill this extract into a fine paste which we spread over the canvas so that you can reap the benefits. […]