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Indie Music Spotlight – Keeton Coffman

Keeton Coffman

Keeton Coffman is a Houston based indie outfit releasing beautifully produced and personal songs about life, love, dignity, pushing forward and growth from it all. At times restrained and others roiling like an incoming tornado, his latest release Killer Eyes is an emotionally taut journey with moments of true sublimation along the way. MusicZeitgeist: Talk to […] […]

Artist Profile: Love X Stereo – Rocking in the Shadows of ‘Gangnam Style’

Love X Stereo immediately caught our ear with their daring re-visioning of rock tropes and standards from the 90’s onward and in the process have evolved a sound quite their own. While we feature their improbably fresh version of the often covered Pixies’ song “Wave of Mutilation” in our jukebox, we chose it because it helps to underscore how this band is decidedly different than the sounds to which we have become so accustomed on the radio […]

Adena Atkins is’s Indie Music Artist of the Month for April 2012

Adena Atkins

Adena Atkins is’s Indie Music Artist of the Month for April 2012 […]

Artist Profile: Mouthful of Snow

mouthful of snow profile pic

Mouthful of Snow, a four piece indie band from Temecula, makes it a goal to keep secluded from all contemporary music and to create something all it’s own. […]