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Elaine Greer is’s July 2011 Indie Artist of the Month

indie music artist Elaine Greer live

Twenty-three-year-old Austin-based female singer-songwriter Elaine Greer produces winsome, meticulously crafted, harmony-infused leids that stand out from the glut of cute-vocal-ed, self-conscious indie fare populating the seeded playlists of the up-and-comer elite in 2011. […]

Clouds Make Sounds is’s May 2011 Indie Artist of the Month

clouds make sounds band photo portrait

Gorgeous, enthusiastic recordings, painstakingly captured tones and lilting nuance populate the latest release from Philadelphia indie band Clouds Make Sounds. […]

Singing Bear is’s February 2011 Indie Artist of the Month

We couldn’t resist Singing Bear’s confident but sultry, groovy but ethereal eclectic song catalog. Not having a clue who this enigmatic but prolific talent was, we asked him about the name and the music and here is what returned. […] Presents – The Aviation Orange – August 2009 Indie Artist of the Month

Over the cacophany of exploding pyrotechnics and the noxious smell of sulfur, we managed to pry the following intel from The Aviation Orange,’s August 2009 Indie Artist of the Month. […]