Review: Spain live at Amoeba Music, Hollywood, California 11-02-2014

Spain at Amoeba Records - 11-06-2014 - Copyright

Spain the band, led by bassist and lead vocalist Josh Haden, played at free show at Amoeba Music in Hollywood, California in celebration of the launch of their new record “Sargent Place”. Here’s what we thought about it… […]

VIDEO: Carina Round – Backseat (Official Video)

I had the pleasure of seeing Carina Round at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood last year and she was vacillating between winsome plinkiness and PJ Harvey demonology within the course of her 40 minute set. This terrific video is so fresh it only has 250 views at YouTube as of this posting. It’s weird recognizing some personal friends in it lip-syncing to her lead vocal. […]

Project: Ribcage bootleg video at The Dragonfly

Project: Ribcage has released a new bootleg video from one of their legendary Hollywood performances – this one from The Dragonfly. digg_url = ‘’; […]