EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Waters’ 100 Favorite (as opposed to The Best) Albums of the 00s

Some you hipsters may be aware of a movie called Heathers that came out in another century and pretty much defined the vernacular from which contemporary hipster patois has evolved. In this exclusive, MusicZeitgeist.com is very proud to share with you Daniel Waters’ top 100 list of favorite albums for the decade that no one knew what to call – 2000-2009. […]

MusicZeitgeist.com Presents – The Problemaddicts – September 2009 Indie Artist of the Month

Problemaddicts from Massachusetts are MusicZeitgeist.com’s September 2009 Indie Artist of the Month. Check out their track Freedom in our free streaming indie jukebox. […]

Re-Discover Spike Jones Video For Pharcyde “Drop” – Shot Entirely In Reverse

Re-trending lately, Spike (can seemingly do no wrong) Jones video for Pharcyde’s track “Drop”. If you haven’t already paid worship, or ever seen it, check out this amazing video by the maverick video director, shot entirely in reverse. […]