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Last Life in the Universe is MZ’s June2015 Indie Artist of the Month

Last Life in the Universe 2015 Sunset

Last Life in the Universe is a Los Angeles indie act that blends rock and electronica into an energized modern sound. talks to them about the challenges… […]

Airlands is’s Indie Artist for March 2015

Airlands Album Art_original

Airlands is the phoenix rising from the ashes of Stars of Track and Field – a band that was released from Wind-Up Records after 2 full-length albums and 7 national tours supporting acts like Jeremy Enigk, Twilight Singers, The Smashing Pumpkins, Blue October and Joe Arthur. These touring bedfellows should provide clues to the dreamy […] […]

Randall Shreve & The Sideshow is MusicZeitgeist’s Indie Artist of the Month for June 2013

Dreamy, contemplative and wrought of the highest calibre of musicianship, MZ features the mesmerizing works of one Randal Shreve and the band of roving minstrels more than capable of reinforcing his melodies born of travel on the open road. Meandering from Damien Rice-style ballads (“love, don’t panic (need)“) to a contemporary-production version of Tom […] […]

Nate Currin is’s Indie Artist for the Month for May 2013

Nate Currin music artist - promo shot 1

Nate Currin’s recordings could be taken as a sort of thrift shop treasure trove – moving from cabaret inspired fare like “Vanity Fair,” to rough-around the edges but heart-warming acoustic folk like “Coast to Coast” that could headline any night at Hollywood’s Hotel Cafe, to slick and pop radio ready electro-rock hybrids like “Goodnight California.” This is an artist who follows his whims and executes each new musical experiment as if he owns its very blueprints. […]