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Indie Music Spotlight – Keeton Coffman

Keeton Coffman

Keeton Coffman is a Houston based indie outfit releasing beautifully produced and personal songs about life, love, dignity, pushing forward and growth from it all. At times restrained and others roiling like an incoming tornado, his latest release Killer Eyes is an emotionally taut journey with moments of true sublimation along the way. MusicZeitgeist: Talk to […] […]

Future Loves Past is’s Indie Artist of the Month for June 2014


Future Loves Past delivers an ebullient, 60’s tinged with shoegaze sound that is hard to predict and filled with delightful little surprises at every turn. In contrast to their instantly catchy hooks and melodies, their subject matter reads like Carl Sagan’s sketchbook […]

Artist Profile: The Hitchhiker – South Korean indie outfit goes deep

the hitchhiker - acrylic_on_canvas_40x40cm - 2010

In William Gibson’s “Pattern Recognition”, a data miner sets out to aggregate and assemble a series of photographs produced by a mysterious creator who may be a sort of Kubrick-esque savant and whose stills elicit profound emotional impact and meaning when viewed. In some way, The Hitchhiker, hailing from the land of K-Pop and […] […]

The Sleep Tapes is’s Indie Music Artist of the Month for June 2012


Filling the gap between Aqualung and Catherine Wheel, The Sleep Tapes is the name under which solo artist and North Hollywood, California resident Noah Sturm releases his soporific and beautiful sonnets. We chatted up this light sleeper about the process… […]