Music Zeitgeist presents KAMIDE – Indie Artist of the Month for June 2010

Japanese accordion player takashi Kamide creates beautiful minimalist classical accordion compositions on a vintage instrument that evokes Vangelis or Penguin Cafe Orchestra. […] Presents Humboldt Lagoon – March 2010 Indie Artist of the Month

It’s rare that a place like MZ that hears literally hundreds of new songs by hundreds of new artists every month, encounters something this good, that it hadn’t known about before. But it’s really that good. Humbodlt Lagoon, for those of you too fickle, ADD or otherwise, to listen, is pulsing, breathing, stream of consciousness, mind-bending, intellectual, visceral and totally rocks. […] Presents MiniBoone – January 2010 Indie Artist of the Month

Read about MiniBoone –’s January 2010 Indie Artist of the Month. “Traces of Talking Heads, Violent Femmes, Jesus Lizard, Pavement, The Strokes and then all that Christmas pageant sounding shit that took place after electroclash all figure, but it comes together in a solid nostalgia evoking way that also, somehow, feels very now.” […] Presents – Adrienne Leasa – May 2009 Indie Artist of the Month

Adrienne Leasa’s compelling indie debut “For God’s Sake” rushes in like the release of a lot of pent up energy suddenly being released on the open road on an adventure to wherever the wind blows and away from someplace darker than that. […]