Artist Profile: The Hitchhiker – South Korean indie outfit goes deep

the hitchhiker - acrylic_on_canvas_40x40cm - 2010

In William Gibson’s “Pattern Recognition”, a data miner sets out to aggregate and assemble a series of photographs produced by a mysterious creator who may be a sort of Kubrick-esque savant and whose stills elicit profound emotional impact and meaning when viewed. In some way, The Hitchhiker, hailing from the land of K-Pop and […] […]

Artist Profile: Martin Simon and Astro Project

martin simon and astro project

Since forming a writing team with half Spanish, half Honduran composer and guitarist Astor Escoto in New York City over a decade ago, Martin Simon has been more extensively integrating Latin American and Spanish influences with East European folk, classical music and modern jazz. […]

Free MP3 Download: Antonymes – ‘Endlessly’ – gorgeous ambient minimalism

In its opening moments, ‘Endlessly’ patiently weaves traces of nature with unearthly, oscillating tones, creating a delicate, pensive atmosphere. Its apex comes halfway through as the gentle tones give way to a strident, emotive piano theme. Download the free mp3 now. […]

Artist Profile: Harlan Mark Vale

At times evoking Ryuchi Sakamoto, experimental John Cale, instrumental David Sylvian, or *gasp* George Benson, Harlan Mark Vale’s music summons delicate things in the imagination – a water spider skating across the surface of a lake, a meditative gaze beneath a willow tree. But there is something edgy about his work that keeps it in […] […]