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Review: Spain live at Amoeba Music, Hollywood, California 11-02-2014

Spain at Amoeba Records - 11-06-2014 - Copyright

Spain the band, led by bassist and lead vocalist Josh Haden, played at free show at Amoeba Music in Hollywood, California in celebration of the launch of their new record “Sargent Place”. Here’s what we thought about it… […]

Marathon(pa) is’s Indie Artist of the Month for October 2014


From their expansive acoustic epic “Mountaineering” to the cascading fusion intimacy of “Chapel,” Marathon(pa) summons everything from Stone Roses and The Verve‘s Richard Ashcroft’s breathless swagger to Stanley Clarke’s Animal Logic project with Stewart Copeland and Deborah Holland to form one of the most exciting releases we have heard in 2014. In selecting the band […] […]

Future Loves Past is’s Indie Artist of the Month for June 2014


Future Loves Past delivers an ebullient, 60’s tinged with shoegaze sound that is hard to predict and filled with delightful little surprises at every turn. In contrast to their instantly catchy hooks and melodies, their subject matter reads like Carl Sagan’s sketchbook […]

Lindsey Saunders is’s Indie Artist of the Month for February 2014

Lindsey Saunders

Colorado based artist Lindsey Saunders brings a unique and immediately captivating deluge of talents to the table – she excels in singing, guitar playing and songwriting. […]