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Tragic Josh’s Brilliant Music Spins – January 19th 2010 Edition

Tragic Josh’s Brilliant Music Spins – January 19th 2010 Edition – don’t miss this. […]

Artist Profile: Jazz Punks Ain’t Quite Jazz and They Ain’t Quite Punk But They Might Just Bring the Roof Down

No 8 min., self-absorbed solos. No charts. Jazz Punks strives to serve up classic jazz styles in an electrifying, unique manner – that appeals to the jazz layman as much as the jazz aficionado. […]

Tragic Josh’s Top Music Spins – January 14th, 2010 Edition

Tragic Josh is back to curate another list of goodness to stuff in your ear and eye holes. The January 14th, 2010 edition. […]

Indie Music Artist Profile: Martyrs

Martyrs are a young band out there to rock the young ones. Brilliantly executed classic vintage recording techniques that sound fuzzy and fat as Electric Ladyland without ever feeling lo-fi, and with all the vitality of an early Ween or Jellyfish record, these legitimately melodic young punks are going to shake things up wherever they touch down. Seriously, get on this monorail before you’re left eating your soggy hot dog back at the bus shelter. […]