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It’s rare that a place like MZ that hears literally hundreds of new songs by hundreds of new artists every month, encounters something this good, that it hadn’t known about before. But it’s really that good. Humbodlt Lagoon, for those of you too fickle, ADD or otherwise, to listen, is pulsing, breathing, stream of consciousness, mind-bending, intellectual, visceral and totally rocks. […]

Tragic Josh Shares His Top Music Spins for February 23rd 2010

Once again, Tragic Josh sorts through the crap music so you don’t have to. Here are some positive nuggets with which he has returned. […]

Artist Profile: Dynamo Bliss is Exporting Sticky, Trippy Recordings From Sweden

Easily navigating between NYC-era Lennon, Crowded House, Air Supply, Stereolab, The Beach Boys, XTC, Ben Folds, Roxy Music, Pink Floyd and maybe even Snow Patrol, Swedish indie act Dynamo Bliss starts to sound like something all its own – something very fresh and exciting. We strongly recommend a listen, or five. […]

L.A. Quartet Madras Once Again Registering a Heartbeat and Better Than Ever

Following the comeback release of LP “Up from the Ground”, Los Angeles pop/rock outfit Madras was ironically halted as leader/singer Dan Luperini wrestled with minor but nagging health struggles that left him unable to sing. In fact this eventuality led to some very exciting new collaborations for the band creating an evening evocative of a Thievery Corporation set they shared at Molly Malone’s, Los Angeles. Here is our review. […]