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Hailing from Brooklyn, New York – The Aviation Orange releases slinky electrofried recordings with melodies that stick to the insides of your skull like saltwater taffy but then bloat it like something pulled from the wake of the SS MBV.  Birthed in the mid-aughts by guitarist Alex Beninato and singer/guitarist Mike Nesci the sound only eventually evolved to include its signature retro synth sound.  Perhaps this is what sets it apart for the ashen fallout of the once ever present and ever so hip electro-clash scene.  The band eventually add Josh Harris on drums and Hana Mogulescu on synths and vocals.

Over the cacophany of exploding pyrotechnics and the noxious smell of sulfur, we managed to pry the following intel from The Aviation Orange,’s August 2009 Indie Artist of the Month.

MZ: What?

We recently released our debut LP after a year in and out of Stratosphere Sound Studios – owned by Smashing Pumpkin’s James Iha – in NYC.  The band took the reigns of engineering, producing and mixing the album.   Controlling all aspects of the process had its drawback and trials but ultimately felt really rewarding.

The album reflects our post-punk and synth pop influences.  I would say our greatest inspirations come from 80’s stalwarts: New Order, the Smiths and the Pixies.  The LP also features interplay between male/female vocals, provided by our synth player Hana Mogulescu.  We try to do a lot with contrasting melody lines and sonic layering, but always try to keep it in the structure of a classic pop song.

MZ: Why?

We are just having fun making music while trying to make a unique sound.    It’s great to have people respond to what we are doing.

MZ: Until when?

Are ultimate goal is to keep expanding our sound and shows out to a larger audience.  People can expect us to keep recording and keep experimenting.

MZ: Where?

This fall we will be heading out on mini-Midwest tour under the Rethinkpopmusic banner.  We will be hitting the road with fellow rethink artist The Vanguard and The Ambassadors.  Look for us at the Mid Point Music Festival in September where we will all be performing.

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