Named One of the Top Twenty Best Music Review Blogs was selected as one of the top twenty best music review blogs by ClickitTicket, a popular theater, sports and concert ticket agency.  I am certain this is no small part due to the consistently thorough, on-the-scene reviews posted by our excellent volunteer writers led by the amazing Truffle Jones and Ascender.

“To help you sift through the multitudes of music-related websites we have made a list of the top 20 music review blogs. After visiting these sites you’ll want to buy so much new music that you might need to get a MP3 player with more memory. “

Sure, it isn’t a Webby, but we humbly accept and are grateful for the acknowledgment. We are a completely independent site and do our best to bring you unbiased opinion on music as soon as it grabs our attention. It is nice to know the audience is listening.

See the complete list of Top 20 Music Review Blogs selected at

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