Live Show Preview – .357 Lover at Hotel Cafe, LA – May 31st 2009

.357 Lover walks to the Hotel Cafe May 31st, 2009

.357 Lover walks to the Hotel Cafe May 31st, 2009

Time travel, making out at the mall, werewolves, rock operas and a German lady. It’s not the recipe to the greatest teenage, sci-fi horror movie ever made; it’s .357 Lover.

Deftly weaving majestic tales of wonder with a Rock ‘n Roll vaudeville act, this band creates an incomparable sound described by frontman Corn Mo as “Guns ‘N Roses meets Queen meets show tunes meets Tiny Tim.”

Thousands have already been exposed to Corn Mo from tours with They Might Be Giants, Ben Folds and Polyphonic Spree.

.357 Lover is Dave Wallin (bass), Ron Salvo (drums), Brad Williams (guitar), John Caselli (guitar) and Corn Mo (piano, vocals).

We’re a band who drinks Queen, Cheap Trick and Tiny Tim and sweats it back out.

There is nothing else we can do or want to do. Dave has his own tattoo shop in Brooklyn but the rest of us . . .

We’re playing at the Hotel Cafe on Sunday May 31st at 8pm

Until When?
Until they make us stop. about a 45 minute set.

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