Listen to the top 100 Icelandic Artists for free

icelandic girlGrowing up, I fantasized that I would retire by the age of thirty and disappear to the mysterious, magical land of faeries and super hot chicks that is Iceland.

Add to which one of the bands that most influenced my formative years was Bjork’s post-high school effort The Sugarcubes.

Iceland has been going through exceptionally difficult economic times of late – after the bank that underwrote their national debt went bankrupt the country is literally choking on the fumes of the recent economic fallout. But beyond Bjork and Sigur Rös, what can you claim to know about the music culture that has been gestating there for time immemorial?

Prompted by an amazingly comprehensive article about the top 100 Icelandic bands, we wanted to share the wealth and point you to a free, streaming page of their music.

Explore the amazing and original sounds coming from gorgeous and magical Iceland.
Note: you may be asked to install Windows Media Player for Firefox to listen to these songs.

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