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Lindsey Saunders small In the short time since we were first introduced to indie artist Lindsey Saunders, we already in danger of becoming a lifelong fan. What some have called a ‘triple threat’ (a statement we are happy to underwrite) Saunders’self-confidence is backed up by a voice that walks a tightrope between a raspy alto and quivering vocal runs, prodigious, nuanced acoustic rhythm guitar smackdowns, and taut, unorthodox roots-inspired songwriting.

Though Saunders admits she has been compared to everyone from John Mayer and KT Tunstall to Chris Cornell, we also drew comparisons to Hayley Williams of Paramore, Splashdown, furslide, Led Zeppelin and even Lyle Lovett. had the opportunity to go behind the scenes with the multi-talented chanteuse and focus the lens on how it all comes together. We are happy to have grabbed the interview with the blue-eyed, charismatic artist amid her busy schedule that will invariably lead to widespread success and recognition. Give us some background about how you began and arrived at this moment

Lindsey Saunders: I grew up in a musical family and consequently share an interest in all kinds of music. It started with a desire to sing and turned into a passion for guitar and songwriting. These skills developed simultaneously with the help of YouTube, Nashville Songwriter Association International, my dad, and a cover band organized for church and charitable events.

I guess Lindsey Saunders Music went “pro” in 2012 right after I graduated from high school; thanks to the support of family and friends in addition to a producer who believed in my potential, ‘Nothing Normal’ was released when I was 18. Flash forward – I went from performing at local coffee shops to playing shows nationally as a solo act and with my band.

Interviews and performances on television and radio, as well as multiple indie music magazine feature articles both nationally and locally have made the last year exciting to say the least!

MZ: Talk about the style of music you create and the influences that helped craft your sound

LS: Since I have admiration for all styles of music, my approach is much like piecing together a creative puzzle using bits and pieces of jazz, pop, acoustic – even some progressive rock and classical music – and fits this together into a completed creation that listeners of many genres seem to enjoy.

Lindsey Saunders album cover

As a songwriter my goal is to create songs that are musically complex and interesting, yet comfortable and familiar. Because of this, the easiest way to describe my music would be to say it’s indie pop/rock with a progressive flavor if one had to create a genre “check box”.

MZ: Where can people experience your music?

LS: The breathtaking front range of Colorado is my home. I love it here, and I think that sentiment that can be heard in my music. I perform regularly at local venues in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Aspen and Colorado Springs. This last year I was able to perform at Reggie’s Music Joint in Chicago as a solo act, at the historic El Portal Theater in Los Angeles with my band, and showcase at the prestigious CMJ Music Marathon in New York City.

I just got back home from Park City, Utah, where I performed in Access Films Music and Koffeehouse Music showcases during the Sundance Film Festival. I put the hashtag #livingthedream on my Instagram posts when I’m out on tour…it’s kind of crazy how much life has changed since this whole thing really got rolling.

The Lindsey Saunders YouTube channel has exposed my music to people from around the world, and as a result I’ve received interest from people wondering when I will be touring in Mexico, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom and Paris. Truly amazing!

MZ: Talk about the business of doing what you do…

Since my very first performance I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. Not that I’m grown up, but being a professional musician is a full time dream “disguised” as a job. It takes lots of work. The cool thing is that practicing and writing are two things that I love to do.

Having the ability to do home recordings and music videos from my practice studio is pretty amazing. It is a job, but wow what a profession I have! My hopes are to be doing this for another fifty or sixty years at least!

MZ: What’s next from your camp?

LS: The next big thing for listeners to look out for is my instrumental EP to be released later this year. It is in the mixing phase of production – tracking was completed at Seahorse Studios in LA last month. Now is the second fun part – the naming and the creation of artwork that compliments the essence of the compositions.

This project was born from the fact that I actually was asked last year to write for a modern dance production called ‘Paths Diverge’ choreographed by Catherine Tiso, which was performed live in Chicago.

With this release we hope to produce music videos that capture the movements that inspired the music as well. The foundations for a full-length release are being put into place as well, using the same indie sensibilities towards creating what I know will be a new collection of captivating songs.

In the big picture I of course have the “winning Grammy” dream. More important than that I want to keep writing music that people connect with, sing along with, and can’t get out of their head.

It looks like The Lindsey Saunders Band will be on stages from Austin to Chicago, Los Angeles to New York this year. I do hope that if you are reading this you look for me in your area, and let me know where you want me to perform. Let’s make some music together?

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